Escaping The Paycheck To Paycheck Trap

In August of 2008 my wife and I had come to our breaking point.  Are finances were in total distress and I didn’t know how much more of it we were going to be able to take.  We were stuck in the paycheck to paycheck trap and we were just getting by.

We had two credit cards loaded with debt, a loan on our Chevy Tahoe, a line of credit on our house, and this wasn’t even counting our home mortgage yet.  On top of all of that we didn’t have any extra money saved up because any little bit we did have got used to pay off our current debts and bills.

What was worse than all of that was that we felt like we were trapped in our current financial position and no matter what we did we felt as if we could not change our outcome.

When it came down to it I wanted to live a life without financial worries and to have all of my debt paid off.  More than that I wanted to have that extra cushion of cash in place so I didn’t have to deal with the sleepless nights and that constant knot in my stomach.

I just wanted to wake up in the morning and know that things would be fine for me and my family and that I would have a life full of opportunity ahead instead of a life of financial despair.

But I didn’t know how to make this happen.

I thought the status quo was to have all these great things from credit cards to the nice car and that debt was all a part of the plan.

At one point I asked myself, “how did we get in this mess?”

What I found out was that the more stuff I bought the more miserable I became.  I was equating the idea that the more stuff I had the happier I would be, but in reality it was having the exact opposite effect on me.

A Change In Thinking

It was at this point I knew something had to change.

I had to find a way to control my finances and this is when I began to search for the solution to my problem.  So I decided to start looking for the answer as to how my finances got the way they did.

What I came to learn was that no matter how much money I made or saved I was continually falling back into the same financial situation because I failed to address the real problem at hand, and as long I continued to do this my financial situation would never improve.

What I really needed was a change in my thinking.

My problem was not money but rather the way I perceived and used that money.  You see I had failed to take complete responsibility and control of my finances, and as long I did this my situation would surely never improve.

I would continue to fall back into debt, and live that paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

My Mission

I’m willing to bet that you have a similar story.

You may have had your own financial wake up call.  Maybe something happened to you financially or you read a book that changed your entire way of thinking when it comes to money.

In fact just because you are reading this article proves that you have a desire to take control of your finances and improve your financial well being.

I’m here to tell you that there is a path to achieving your financial goals.  You can pay off your debt, build a solid savings, and live a life of opportunity, rather than a life of despair.

Over the last 5 years I achieved some great goals, I started my first website and earned over $30,000 in that time which has allowed me to pay off all of my credit card debt, save a decent amount of income for emergency expenses, and even build a brand new house.

But even more than that I don’t have to live that paycheck to paycheck lifestyle anymore, or feel that financial dread sleeping in bed at night.  If this is the exact situation you’re dealing with right now you are in the right place.

Wallet Impact has been designed exactly for families who want to make that bigger impact with their finances and are tired of feeling trapped by their current financial situation.  Here you will learn proven methods I’ve used to improve my finances over the last 5 years and the new things I’m testing to make them better.

So is this you?  If so the rewards will be great.

Are you ready to make a differences with your finances?  Share your thoughts and comments below.