In last weeks article  I showed you how I had set up my emergency fund that runs on autopilot,  but this week I thought I would go a step further and take you on a deep dive with the specific savings account I’m using to save for my emergency fund, the 360 Savings from Capital One 360.

There are a lot of reasons I like this specific account, and I will get into all the details in this article, but I want to be completely honest with you as well and share exactly what I do not like about this account well.

Finally I also want to say that I recommend this product because I use this product and that it has been a very helpful tool for me. On top of that I am also an affiliate of this product and I do earn a commission when you sign up for the 360 Savings Account.

If after reading this review  you feel this is the product to help you start saving for your emergency fund I would really appreciate your support and using my specific link that I’ve provided.

The 360 Savings Dashboard

Below is what the dashboard will look like when you open your account.  Everything you need can be controlled from this dashboard whether you want to adjust your automatic savings plan, or just deposit extra money.  You can also manage alerts and even refer the product to friends and get paid.


In the remainder of this article I’m going to cover what I like, don’t like, share who would be the best fit for this product, and finally give you a few tips that I’ve learn as a someone who owns and uses this product.

Now I also want to remind you that this product does not cost you anything to get started with and as a result carry’s some great benefits.  So check out the rest of the review and get started with the 360 Savings from Capital One 360  now.

What I Like About 360 Savings

  • Higher Interest Rates – To start 360 savings has some very attractive rates.  At the time of this article the account has a 0.75% rate. That beats my locals banks savings rate of 0.05% any day.
  • No Minimums- What’s also great is that you don’t have to put in a minimum amount to open the account.  Most banks will require around $5000 just to open an account with this kind of rate.  With 360 Savings you can open it for a $1.
  • No Fees – Third, the 360 Savings program has no fees with it.  That’s right it’s completely free which makes it all the better.
  • Makes Saving Automatic – Of all the benefits to this account being able to set up an automatic savings plan is probably my favorite.  When things get done automaticly it’s one less thing for me worry about and I know I’m saving money the whole time.
  • You Can Set Goals- What’s also nice about this product is that you can set savings goals.  For example maybe you want to take a vacation and after some research you find it’s going to cost you $1700 to take the trip you can set this up as a goal and track your progress.
  • Direct Deposit – Finally, the 360 Savings allows you to do direct deposits using their Checkmate App.  All you have to do is take a picture of your check and your done.  You can also scan the check and send it in or even do it the old fashion way and mail it directly to them if you want.

What I Don’t Like About 360 Savings

Now I should mention that 360 Savings isn’t perfect and their are a few things I don’t like about the product so I thought I would mention them just to let you know.

  • Sign Up Takes Time –  First off, when I was signing up for my account I realized the sign up process can get a bit involved. It took me right around 15 minutes to do it.
  • Takes Time To Get Your Money Back – The second issue I don’t like as much is that it can take up to 4 to 5 business days to get your money back into your checking account.  So if you need the money right away it could put you in a hard spot, but if you plan properly that should rarely happen.
  • Must Have A Checking Account- The last issue I had with 360 Savings was that I had to link a checking account to it.  You cannot link a savings account to your 360 Savings which is the way I would have preferred to do it because I usually pay all of my normal bills through my checking account and it would have been easier with my savings account at my local bank.

Tips To Signing Up

Again if you would like to sign up you can check out my article on how to put your emergency fund on automatic here.  However before you to that I also put a few tips together here to help make the process go a little smoother for you.

  • Have Stuff Organized Before You Start – Before you start setting up this account make sure you have your checkbook handy because you will need some important details to set up this account.  If you don’t have a checking account here is one I recommend.
  • Get A Pen And Paper – Second make sure you have a pen and paper handy to take down some important information.  As you set up your account because you will be given some very important details such as your account number, your pin number, and you will have to set up security questions to help you out in case you for your forget your log in details.
  • Set It Up All At One Time – Finally once you do start the sign up process make sure you stick with it until the account has been opened.  The reason for this is because I was setting my account up the first time and I had to step away for a moment and when I came back they had logged me out, which meant I had to start all over again.  So once you start don’t stop.

Who Should Have 360 Savings

  • If You’re Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck- First off if you are living that paycheck to paycheck lifestyle having this type of account is the best thing for you.  Saving extra money is the best way to prevent yourself from falling back into this trap.
  • If You Forget- Like myself I’m a very forgetful person when it comes to handling my finances.  That’s why I like 360 savings so much because it allows me to automate things so it always gets done on time.
  • You Don’t Have An Emergency Fund- Most importantly if you are someone who does not have an emergency fund you definitely need to have this because all it will take is one hiccup in your finances to put you in a world of problems.
  • You Need An Upgrade- Finally, if you already have an emergency fund and one with a large amount of cash maybe you may be looking to upgrade.  With the current attractive rates this could be a huge boost for you.

Call To Action

If you made it to this point in the review you’re more than likely someone who needs this type of account to make a bigger impact in your finances.

What’s great is that this has been a great and financial tool for me and it’s completely free to sign up for.  Also if you need help just let me know in the comments section below or you can contact me via email here and I would be glad to help you out.

So take a moment now and sign up now by clicking the link below.  Your future self will thank you for it.

Sign Up For The 360 Savings from Capital One 360 By Clicking This Link Now.